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mlb...what's up tonight!??!

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Wait, I like all of those. What are you up to?

are you for real? cincy was square as hell today

already cashed the ff already cashed cubs tt over prob gonna cash full game too n***a

i love being smug about sports betting

im jinxing myself for the next week by doing this, i know, but i cant help it its fun

for real though i was all over cubs you should have been too bro that was a bad miss
no, it doesn't make me feel better. but you aint up jack shit.

you show up once 4 teams have a 3 plus run lead and tell us you have them all. nigger please.

You are...as the kids would say....WACK!

nope its all true, those are the teams i have, i bet almost every side and total every day by the way

totals not looking great though if it makes you feel better

over 8 in pitt, over 9 in wash, under 9.5 in bos, many others

and i said i had white sox when they were down 2-0, i just checked just now and OH WHADDAYA KNOW!! TIED IT UP!!

and I also said i had florida when they were down 2-1 bro. now its tied and they were threatening i believe, let me check again..........


also on philly under 10, kc over 7.5, whitesox under 8.5, mets under 7.5, cincy under 9, houston under 9

bread im getting it done sorry you have to hear that but its true bro