Matty, I can't find the guitar thread

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reno cool

Fuck You Mocha Joe
Jan 29, 2010
and I have a question.

I was messing around in a music store and there was a Jackson guitar that felt real good to me. It's used and priced $220.
There's a sticker that says "inspected (or something) in India" :clueless:
I try to look it up and seems that only very heavy minded bands (and Randy Rhoads) use these Jacksons. I'm sure it's a cheap version of whatever.

So do you think it's worth getting something like that? Is it priced the same new? Does it matter?
Never heard of a Jackson made in India, seems like a recent thing. Quick google reveals that people are generally happy with the quality.

The USA made Jacksons were always quite expensive.

Not a fan of these guitars, they sound sterile to me and I have no use for a Floyd Rose tremolo. YMMV.
I hear about this upgrading the pick ups business. Why do that?
the one I played look similar to whats in your picture, the weird head(?), no tremolo.

I see what you mean about sterile. These modern metal(?) bands guitar sound pretty sterile. While looking up Jackson guitars I came across the worst band I've heard since Poison.
It's called Periphery

combination of boring guitar, screaming vocals blended with some kind of junior high gayness. :bennyhill:
Cheap guitars typically come with low-end, high-output ceramic pickups that sound undefined. This EMG-HZ business was created to give the EMG look to low-end guitars, without the EMG price. They're basically knockoffs of the real, battery-powered pickup line.

As far as upgrading the stock passive pickups in high-end guitars, it's often done to achieve a certain idiosyncratic tone. My Yamaha has 3 aftermarket Seymour Duncans, two singles that copy the vintage Strat sound and a humbucker that purports to replicate the classic Gibson PAF humbucker.

It's splitting hairs for sure. Technique is way more important than anything else.
traded my guitar to this guy for a bass for a week :dunno:

man, I got some riffs coming out of that thing :headbanger:
No. Get a used Yamaha locally.

Show me some classifieds in your area, I bet we can find you a killer deal.



I think Fender Play is free for a few weeks, Blitty
Matty, did you ever complete that Boost pedal you were going to make for me? I'm still interested if it's finished and just sitting around.
Matty, did you ever complete that Boost pedal you were going to make for me? I'm still interested if it's finished and just sitting around.

Oh shit, it's gone. I thought you had lost interest. I can make you another one though, I think I have another blue box just like it.
Mathieu, are those all junk above?
Mathieu, are those all junk above?

The Fenders could be ok, but in the no-budget range, you just can't beat Yamaha. They tend to survive a lot better than other cheap guitars.

The Cort looks decent, but you probably want to bring a guitarist buddy with you to check how it plays.
Your my guitar buddy. I don’t know anybody here lol
I like the idea of a mini. That's what I'd want if I was starting. Something easy to play is most important at this stage
Good point by reno. The thing with acoustics is that they're hard on a beginner's hands. I would suggest starting out on an electric - you don't even need an amp to begin with, just play it unplugged. You'll need several weeks/months anyway before you can entertain the wife with your rendition of Wonderwall.

Here again, used Yamahas are your friend. Or something like a Squier Strat.