Kings Corner (Swisher leads Yankees past Lee, head to the World Series)


Show Me the Money!!!!
Jan 30, 2010
I know, game 7 might not even happen... but it will. Sabathia got the Yanks to game 6, a Rangers blunder will most likely get them to game seven... Then the fun begins, because I have a feeling Cliff Lee doesn't like pitching in Arlington. Call me crazy but I think it wasn't just a coincidence that Lee pitched his first game of the ALCS in Yankee Stadium..

I could be like most jackasses and look up stats and tell you a bunch of bullshit, or I can just tell you to trust me here. Lee had some bad outings pitching at home for the Rangers this year and I think there is something that affects the way he pitches there. Whether its between his ears or the climate, I dont know what bothers him there but something does. Maybe its the mound? maybe he has a crazy ex that lives in Texas, or maybe I'm just full of shit and he'll throw a shutout this Saturday... Highly doubt it.... Nick Swisher or Marcus Thames will probably be the guys that help take down Cliffy.. It would be pretty creepy if this ends up happening...You never know.

Yankees +164 (Game 7)



U need a title
Feb 4, 2010
oh look cliff lee is pitching on the road again, in a huge ballpark. awesome.