Juventus 18/19

A win is a win even if only 3-2 against a weak Chievo side! I predict (hope) 100 Serie A goals for the Juve in league play! Maybe unheard of but new era of Juve OFFENSE first and no more hanging on for 1-0 ... 2-1 wins! CR7 was brought here to not play passive soccer!

Expected Dybala to have a monster year with CR7 alongside but was disappointing today! Also expect if Sandro's head is on straight will shine forth as one of the best LBs in the world! Khedira needs to see the bench except to rest 1st teamers against weak serie squads!

Yes only 3-2 comeback win but the stats show could have been 5-2, 6-2! Juve 12 on target shots to Chievo's 2! Corner kicks with 8-0 ad! And possession 75-25% advantage! Max will see that it gets better!

95 Goals to 100!

Still no CR7 serie a goal yet but showed how he can open up space for others! Beat a top 6 perennial league squad in Lazio 2-0 but only hanging on to one goal lead until 74th minute! Normal procedure from Juve for years to get lead and than play to hold it! Except hopefully Max sees with Ronaldo in starting quicker players on pitch who can most benefit from playing alongside CR7!

MM I'm excited about this team, and the Serie A in general this season

I think they are CL contenders

It'll take a while before Cristiano makes it his own but it will happen, eventually Zizou will come back as coach I believe
Juve vs Sassuolo 9AM! M

Max better start Dybala! I don't buy the "he ain't in shape or shown enough in practice!" No way I want this overpriced guy back on the team! Stay at MU and try to earn what you're being paid!