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In Game ; NBA Boston / Miami 🏀

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as a Floridian I demand @MrMonkey is this thread

Sorry was watching an episode of something with the better half! Couldn’t get myself to watch the first quarter thinking like Casper they’d be down 6,8, 10 and it would be over.

Popped in at 27-15 and was there the rest of the way. Got a little dicey when they cut the lead to 7 in the third quarter. Enjoyed hearing a few boos in the fourth quarter and people leaving early. I felt like the 76ers were playing wanting the Celtics to lose so bad.

Boston was bad from deep again, and surprised they didn’t go inside more? Heat took fewer 3d but made more. Talk about a desperate move, Hauser subbing in really. It was a complete coaching mismatch. One of the best (underrated imo) coaches in the league against the rookie. He might turn out good, but has no experience. The Celtics were the better team.