Humble mass shooting

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Jan 24, 2010
Just in case you miss them because you don't watch the news, here, humble mass shootings will be posted

yesterday 9 dead in San Jose, California after guy went to his old workplace and shot people he didn't like selectively
Paul Delacruz Megia, 42;
Taptejdeep Singh, 36;
Adrian Balleza, 29;
Jose Dejesus Hernandez III, 35;
Timothy Michael Romo, 49;
Michael Joseph Rudometkin, 40;
Abdolvahab Alaghmandan, 63;
Lars Kepler Lane, 63

why do you think this evil motherfucker killed?

gun control will happen - we will regret it because it will not solve the problem - but it will happen

think temperance movement

we as americans need to realize that we suck
ah Chicago had it's 14th mass shooting of the year that day as well.

I never heard anything about it, as is the case with prob 11 or 12 of the others.

we'll be up to 30 by August
let's not let wikipedia get us down

i like this thread

it will be better than the immolation thread
kato this one happened a few blocks away from me :dance:

20 people shot, 2 dead

fuck - be careful


Greetings from The Oregon Diner
kato this one happened a few blocks away from me :dance:

20 people shot, 2 dead
2 for 20? Thats an awful average. Dude needed more practice obviously.

Glad your ok amigo.
safe travels steve

Rogie I actually left many delicious onion rings on the table which normally would never happen.

THAT'S how many there were.

Also I shot some people on the way out, so right thread.
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