Goodbye GameLive

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gl vd

get sum
I bet he's on a surf board right now
Hopefully not .....
shark in hawaii
I'm expecting a deluge of posts as soon as the plane arrives in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area today
Not reading this whole thread, or any of it. Fukk Dave I say. Good riddance!
So Davey missed

- the eclipse
- wrestlemania
- the return of steve
- the new york earthquake
I'm getting worry with Davey, I hope he didn't step on a jellyfish
Read four books.
I hope it was Genesis to learn about our creation. Exodus to learn about our suffering and travel logs. Psalms to learn to worship and praise. And Revelation to learn how it all wicked will end and how we will be redeemed through our lord and savior Donald Trump.
did you see lava? did you see sharks? was your life in danger at any one moment?
1. No, but did hike Diamond Head, a dormant volcano.

2. No, but did see turtles.

3. No, but returning to normal life feels a bit like dying.