Gamelive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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@roguejuror I like that ChatGPT named him "Scam Infinity"
In the aftermath of the battle, Wolverine took a moment to catch his breath and assess the situation. Thanos lay motionless on the ground, his life force extinguished by the piercing strike of Wolverine's adamantium claws. However, as Wolverine stared down at the fallen titan, a strange sensation tugged at his instincts.

Unbeknownst to anyone, a hidden presence observed the confrontation from the shadows. Norman Osborn, the brilliant and twisted mastermind behind the Green Goblin persona, had been silently monitoring Thanos and Wolverine's clash. As the battle concluded, a wicked grin curled upon Osborn's lips, intrigued by the conflict and the potential it held.

Osborn had always been drawn to power, whether it be through his own machinations or by manipulating others. The allure of the Infinity Stones, despite their shattered state, intrigued him greatly. His mind raced with ideas, recognizing the untapped potential they still possessed.

Driven by his insatiable curiosity, Osborn concocted a diabolical plan. He believed that with his cunning intellect and the power of the Green Goblin, he could unlock the true potential of the Infinity Stones and bring Thanos back to life. This resurrection would not only serve as a display of Osborn's power but also satisfy the unspoken tension he had sensed between the two malevolent beings.

In the depths of his secret lair, Osborn began the dark ritual, carefully positioning the shattered remnants of the Infinity Stones. Through his extensive knowledge of arcane arts, combined with the Green Goblin's enhanced senses, he called upon the mystical energies of the universe. The air crackled with dark energy as Osborn channeled his will into the resurrection spell.

A surge of power coursed through Osborn's veins, as the lair filled with an eerie green light. The shattered fragments of the Infinity Stones hovered in mid-air, their power intertwining and intertwining, reconstituting the essence of Thanos. Slowly, with each passing moment, the titan's body began to reform, healed from the fatal blow Wolverine had delivered.

Thanos gasped, his eyes fluttering open, finding himself face-to-face with the Green Goblin. Confusion and rage filled his gaze as he recognized the source of his resurrection. However, beneath the anger, a flicker of something unexpected stirred within Thanos, an unexplainable attraction to the enigmatic figure before him.

Osborn's twisted smile widened as he reveled in the success of his experiment. He relished the newfound power he held over Thanos, both through his resurrection and the unspoken bond they shared. The Green Goblin saw an opportunity to manipulate the titan, to bend him to his will and harness the strength of their connection.

Thanos, torn between his resentment and the unexplained allure he felt, reluctantly agreed to join forces with the Green Goblin. A tumultuous partnership formed, fueled by their shared desire for power and dominance. As they embarked on their malevolent conquest, a dance of seduction unfolded between the two, their twisted attraction driving them forward.

Word of their unholy alliance spread like wildfire throughout the criminal underworld. Fear and unease gripped those who crossed their path, as the malevolent duo unleashed chaos upon the world. Wolverine, still recovering from his previous encounter, sensed the rising darkness and knew he had to intervene once more.

Wolverine embarked on a relentless pursuit, tracking the Green Goblin and Thanos across continents, their malevolence leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. As the final confrontation neared, Wolverine grappled with the complexity of the situation. He understood the depths of their forbidden attraction, recognizing the dangerous power it held over them.