Gamelive Bash 2024 - California.

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I remember going to Niagara Falls (did I spell that correctly ??) with my girlfriend at the time. Crossing over wasn’t that difficult. He asked where we were going and why.. No big deal. However had to get a case of beer delivered and of course I wanted to tip the guy.. Set me back more than I expected .. I always tip well .. The jacuzzi was nice after cleaning it with great expertise ..
Hopefully Plom shows up.

I'll make an example out of him.
nice idea, yes the ebattle medium needs to be elevated, I also propose a soul train dance off on zoom
Alas Steve is far more handsome than me and far more of a ladies man so any ebattle between us would be beneath him 😩
Dave is more well thought out than me and takes his time with things.

I'm horrible at that.

I have been flirting with ALL the ladies.

Guess what? You ain't getting shit if you're broke.

Steve is maniac paced, athletic, awesome at music and great on computers. The patience of an 18 year old.

Dave actually thinks before he does. Steve doesn't do that because with the ladies he is just a lost, spastic puppy dog, begging for attention. It's pathetic really. They should all just put me on a leash, bring me out into the park, slap me around and rub my nose in the dirt like the crazy little animal I am. Spank my ass if I try to sit down. Rub my belly if I'm as good boy. No - not even a handjob if you're a bad puppy dog. No orgasm for bad little rascals like me. I love public humliation porn when a woman does it to a man. Rape me in front of the dumpster. I deserve it. Then all burst out laughing at me. Put the whole thing on Youtube. I'd find the whole thing hot and I'd jerk off in the shower just thinking about it. I will be getting paid very well soon and I will take care of the baby bills when I'm not getting grungefucked by Courtney Love. She's 59, butt she still certainly has the energy for that. I can just FEEL it.

Moving on, I couldn't have more respect for Dave, he is far more patient than Heman, and I'm no Skeletor or even close.

Did I mention I'm into temperature play?

Sometimes a high heel ends up up your ass.

Feels good man.
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Hell, Michigan would be a fitting spot for future bashes.

What ever happened to @pico ??
you guys should have it in Chicago