Favorite Gamelive Moment Or Thread


I Don’t Do Math Because It Hurts My Heart
The glory days of this site were nothing short epic. Would love to see the old “crew” come back and post again. Kinda crazy between SBR and Gamelive, I’ve “known” some of you guys for 10 years now. So many great E-Battles, Calm Strikes, Psuedo Relationships. Trying to think of one thread or moment on GL or SBR that is truly iconic. What are your faves guys?
Oh so many

Muddy v Shanty

Oksana with a penne stuck up her nose

Plommer barricaded in motel room because prostitute call police on him

Papa George and Assassin's saga

clymer pa Steves, mini mart ookie nookie drive by shout outs

Blitty stealing the gf of some euro dude, dude pleading to blitty to let his gf go because he was the one that truly loved her, ive never felt more proud of America

Tomato giving Fivey cancer

Valorem's broken heart

reno cool

leave well enough alone
I think all my favorite parts are documented somewhere in the quotes thread. ...oh and don't forget the New Orleans bash