cultural appropriation


ode to my socks
Apparently this is a thing now.

You can't steal from other cultures now. :lmao:

Forget how cultures actually evolve, you can't do it now. :laugh:

Muddy you can't be acting like Jerome in the house anymore. :nono:


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Back when I was getting bombarded with Iggy Azalea, she got accused of that. Appropriating.

Guise were all like, "Hey!" and she was all like, "Wut?"


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One Utah teenager's prom dress has sparked a heated debate on the controversial issue of cultural appropriation.

Keziah Daum, an 18-year-old senior at Woods Cross High School, Utah, received backlash after she posted photos of her dressed in a red qipao, a traditional Chinese dress, on prom night.

Many on Twitter were quick to criticize her choice of wardrobe, accusing her of appropriating the Chinese culture, given she is not of Chinese descent.

Many on Twitter have large cucumbers up their asses.

Damn that dress looks fresh on her..

Wasn't the person who initially called her out of Asian descent yet his avatar had him depicted in western clothing?

Just sayin'...


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If she didn't wear the dress, it would have been racist.

I'd be all like, what you got against Chinese stuff, bitch?
Wait she....stole my prom dress?

I've been a little busy but this is a little fucked up

She can keep it I guess

Rogie please tell her she can keep it.