ATTN: Steve(S)

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Fu Manchu

The Insidious Doctor
Jan 27, 2010
hows the new forum that you were creating coming along buddy?

have you gotten the ball rolling on this?
That shit happened like 15 Gamelive years ago. :stevie:
stevie is preoccupied with a blast off at the moment

I didn't want to talk about it Fisch but for u, I will. Ok here's what's up.

It was a poker staking forum. Then the feds passed laws, I didn't know. Then I got busted. Yeah, dropped that bar, it sucked. Those bastards.
Then the IRS stepped in. I have liens on me for decades.
Then, four people I can't remember robbed me right as I got out. I only remember one as 'pat' - he laughed as he kicked me in the nuts and said 'remember me now, 173?!'? I still don't quite remember.
Now I live on an Island I can't disclose. What I do for money? I can't sya much, don't need much out here. Sure they might murder me. but I got done done caring. The pussy is great, wished they shaved more.
Fuck decent water out here, or food, the alcohol is raw though. Fuck that too, and my liver.

I hope that is a decent answer.
:lmao: steve(s)
WTF Steves. This sounds like 'The Firm'.