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If you, me, Matty and E are on Matty's boat, and me and Matty fall in the water and we're both drowning, to whom you would throw the sole lifesaver buoy?
Tough one. The Rains are birthing buddies, so I feel inclined to save Matty.
What's your all time favorite movie?





I don’t really have a favorite movie at the moment. It really depends on the mood and the moment.

Color is green or orange.

Number is seven.

Actor: Oooo, I have two that I think are amazing. Robin Williams and Tom Hanks

Actress: Huge Audrey Hepburn fan, but Amy Adams is growing on me

Poster: Bread
what month of the year is the hardest for mom duties? which month is the most rewarding.

what are you doing for college tuition savings?

which frozen chicken nuggets test the best?
All months are challenging and rewarding with their own unique needs. The start of the school year is both challenging and rewarding with getting back into schedules and the excitement of the new year.

The kids are already set for college.

I’m not a fan of Tyson frozen nuggets. I haven’t found a “best taste” yet.
One poster, past or present that you haven't met, that you would like to meet?
One poster, past or present that you haven't met, that you would like to meet?
I think he was at the Bash, but I don’t believe we interacted. I would like to meet Mr X.
thoughts on pesto?
Not moving anytime soon. GA and FL are summer trips next year.
What’s your favorite sex position ? If you don’t feel comfortable answering that then I will respect that. At the end of the day we all are adults here 💯
Chronological adults…emotionally questionable.
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