Any bourbon drinkers?


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That was kind of a joke. I figure you guys could all see the difference and I was playing off of it is all. Maybe a 6er of something good here and there but that's about it.


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I recently reconnected with an old guy friend I hadn’t seen in about 20 years. He moved back to within 20 miles of me after living in Indiana for a long time. I had spoken in the phone to him once a year or so.

In the time I didn’t see him, he developed a 16 beers a day habit.

He is now in AA. It’s hard, but he’s been totally sober for about 60 days. I think about him a lot. It’s done so much damage to his life and his family’s life.

He drank about 3 beers a month when we were friends in the 90’s.

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Right there with you. Just went from pounding Mountain Dew to work the 5 am to 10 pm + work day to unsweetened iced tea. Body already starting to look better, that should take things to the next level. I do see caffeine as something that has to stay to be at the level I need to be with this, but that way we get the energy without the extra calories. I like my vapes too. Got to be the 4% - good to be able to say that. Got no disprespect for smokers, that shit is real nice with t good alcohol buzz - my my old fart 43 year old lungs can't handle the level of tobacco buzz I need with my caffeine doing that with cigs.


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So the drink of the decade has been an old fashioned.

Unfortunately, the millennials have bastardized the original recipe so when they order one, I have to ask 1000 questions to make sure I make them to their liking.

Sugar, water and bitters dissolved.
Add bourbon.

Orange peel as a garnish.

That’s the recipe.