American Idol Finals Week 14

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yes I did, Robyn. I received the money Rage kindly offered for the contest.
I won a trivial pursuit game on Saturday thanks to American Idol.

Last question was something about which AI winner was mentioned in 40 year old virgin.

Walkoff winner, Kelly Clarkson.
there can only be one Guru.

Sorry bacon, but you have to choose another title.

try winning some expired condoms, bic razors, a hockey card (from Matty?), and a vegetable cup from steves in a hockey contest and then maybe we can negotiate.
roguey, the way the game works is you have to get all 6 wedges and then next time it's your turn, you have to get a question right and then you win. I wanted to wrap it up quickly. You can bet chips on people getting questions right or wrong and I kept winning the bets. So I got to the end and had 15 chips left (15 to choose the category, and 15 more to choose one of four cards). I bought the sports and leisure category, but the question was 'what did willie stargell give to his pirates teammates after wins?' I lost and had to wait for my next turn. I was way ahead so I could afford to lose a round, but now I was out of chips and they could choose both the category and card. So they picked both and it was an American Idol question and they thought I had no chance. My friend was disgusted. "Can't believe he's a closet Kelly Clarkson fan."

big time bragging rights, I love winning these games.