2023 Gamelive NFL Thread

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FUKK YEAH !! :clap::clap:

First time ever I early cashed out at the EXACT proper time lol.

I would’ve lost if I kept the parlay going
If US consumers have 1 billion dollars to spend on sports/media/entertainment and the NFL is getting 65% of that and they want to get richer they need to either take a % from another sport/artist/entertainment or go out and find a new dollar to take.

They can spend $.75 to convince someone who is not spending on the NFL (either because they're not spending on entertainment or because they're spending on OTHER entertainment) to spend a $1. Here they make a profit of $.25. OR they can go to Europe where it only costs $.35 to get someone to either spend a saved dollar or to divert a dollar spent elsewhere (soccer perhaps) on the NFL thereby making $.65.

The NFL has soooo much money that they're probably doing both and will until the margin is spend $.99 to make a dollar.
they made all the tech giants outbid each other for Sunday Ticket and the world's biggest advertising company won
Browns QB Deshaun Watson..

Out For The Season..
No line movement yet ..

Several books have taken the game off ..
The Steelers are now -1 at most shops ..