$179 million for a Picasso


SP Nation and I Ruin things
It's silly sometimes how humans assign value to things

That Picasso is worth a lot of bottles of primo scotch and happy meals


Toe Toucher
I think we'll see the value of XXth century "high art" plummet during our lifetime. Kids today are fokking oblivious to most everything historical.

When people who became adults before the Internet age start dying off, all this old school stuff is gonna nosedive.


Wishful thinking maybe. I want a cheap Picasso.


Leave everything to me!
I have looked at a fair bit of art and I don't even recognize that one.

I wonder what Guernica or Les Demoiselles D'Avignon would go for.

Prolly not for sale though.

This one is a nice one. I like it.

As far as insanely impossibly expensive paintings, I find myself more and more drawn to the Klimts. They have grown on me.

Van Gogh has a quality but I am a little more puzzled about the extreme value placed on those. It's all crazy of course but relatively speaking.


Leave everything to me!
The Scream was once stolen. Maybe more than once?

It's happened with other well known works of art too. It's a bit of a thing.

Interesting personality profile that would want to own that. Not because of the painting itself but because you couldn't really show it to much of anyone.

You just know you have it.


If you own the scream, realize it's stolen, scream and someone makes a portrait of you doing so, what then?

Superman 2 is what that is.



Famous paintings I like.

1 The Scream
2. Starry Night
3. Nighthawks
4. American Gothic
5. Whistler's Mother


Toe Toucher
Nighthawks is up on my cubicle wall. Along with my Ikea Monkey Air Freshener, which is getting discolored.