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One more thing..

The Steelers are winning the Superbowl this year.. It will be fantastic.. 🏈
I know you're just joking but a few quick tidbits looking at odds and schedule.

Central odds
+130 Balt
+145 Cinny
+650 Cleve
+800 Pitt

Unfortunately finishing 3rd in division last year face Jets and Colts instead of Pats and Titans who are listed at Dradftkings at 14th and 16th respectively to go to SB. Balt and Cinny 2nd, 3rd AFC choices.

Plus Atlanta as 17th game who are favored to win weak NFC North division. Okay they play NYG and Wash but also Dallas and Philly.

Put some money down on playoffs yes +185 so you can enjoy possibly one playoff game?