NHL playoffs 2015

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Jan 27, 2010
Habs up 2.

Winnipeg Jets whiteout about to come.

Was just about to give up on pathetic looking Washington. All of a sudden they started controlling the puck in the offensive zone, peppering the goalie relentlessly.
How does that happen? :dunno:
Sens losing! Habs winning! Can it get any worse than that!
Looking forward to the Winnipeg Whiteout. Great fans there.
Winnipeg Jets whiteout about to come.

Would have loved at least a split in the first two games.

Well, I expect we will be seeing that olde-tyme whiteout in games 3 & 4. Don't know if it will translate to victories but I'm looking forward to seeing that.
If Bettman could have fixed the lottery, AZ would have won.
A little OT in NY. I can go for that :up:

wouldn't mind a shootout either, but I know I'm in the minority there :handshake:
I hope the calls don't go against Nashville today! Let them refs have it Peter!

Looking forward to the Preds/hawks game this afternoon. Should be good action.
Shootouts are for small town hockey in Albany, NY and Kalamazoo, Mi.
oops as in it lasted 1 minute Muddy
Just looking at pics from Islanders central from Blitty and Matty on facebook
Meanwhile - not actually a playoff issue - but the Oilers win the draft lottery and will have the 1st overall pick for the 4th time in the last 6 years.

It's like the hockey gods just can't believe how inept they keep being and are determined to make something of them somehow someway.
:lol: yeah, its hard to believe Oilers can't get better results. They seem to have skilled quick players. :dunno: Maybe they need more angry Swedes and Fins
Ottawa better kick some ass tonight!