Gamelive Masters Good Morning


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Yep, anticipated bad weather early in the afternoon say like 2-2:30PM means a British Open time start! I like it, get it done and still the time to do stuff late in the day! Stat put on the screen says 23 out of the last 28 champs have come from the last pairing or trio this year! With such a cramped leaderboard with many top players in it, that trend easily could end this year! Enjoy!


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He is not going to win but hoping Fowler makes a move today. One of these days he will win a major


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Yes I agree Tully, big Rickie fan but probably too far behind today! Tiger looks solid, Brooks K worries me about him not winning!


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After 2 bogeys by Woods, a birdie and then a bogey by Italia and Woods and Koepka now only 1 behind!


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Tiger game is coming apart! Koepka in water at 12 and Molinari is hitting 1 putt saves for pars like Tiger is in his heyday!


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Well they faked me the hell out. I was expecting to get home from work and have the last hour and a half of the final round to watch. Kinda like how these tournaments have gone for as long as I remember.

But it was over before I left work.


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Fuck Tiger.
The coverage on him is insufferable.

ESPN kisses his ass 24/7. Tom Brady who is just as accomplished in his sport, is treated with antagonistic “hot takes”. Tiger for the last decade has sucked donkey balls, and ESPN never says an unkind word about him.

Fuck him.


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I like tiger woods. Good for him. Aside from the tee shot on sixteen the golf/viewing was not very spectacular.