Dreams are supposed to be the windows to our subconscious

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Aug 21, 2011
If you pay attention dreams can reveal our inner fears, hearts desires, and even details of our lives we failed to see with our eyes open. Dreams can mean so many things.

All too often some one tells me about their dreams, their nightmares. Some dreams are scary, others profound, and some make no sense what so ever. Regardless, I cant help but feel left out.

Ive been told that everyone who sleeps dreams. That isnt a very useful fact. Whether I dream or not I almost ALWAYS can not remember them. After I slip away from awareness, it just goes black. One second I am awake, then asleep, next thing I know I am groggy, but waking up. I am 33 and I can recall only about 20 dreams or so and those were very prophetic and symbolic.

When I meditate, sometimes I have a lucid dream, but thats a very different thing.

A strange thing does happen though sometimes while Im groggy I willl get a vibe about some one I know or even a place. An example would be that sometimes while still groggy Ill think of a co worker and an emotion attached to them. Then when I see that person they will tell me they dreamed of me and the tone and type of the dream will be whatever emotion I felt. Its unnerving, but by this point I am use to it and I control it.

The rabbit hole gets deeper. I am in full control of these dream visits. If I focus on a person or a place, that person will tell me I visited them in a dream that felt extremely real. If I visit a location after Ive dreamt it I can tell you weird details (like whats hidden in a dresser drawer if I checked it out in a dream) and I can physically validate these details once a wake. Its weird, I know

So I may not dream in a typical sense, but my brain is definitely up to something while I sleep