Best Board Games

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Aug 3, 2010
1. Risk (thinking man’s game. Hours of enjoyment)

2. Life (Underrated. Always loved having my car full of kids. Spinomatic is dope).

3. Trouble (As a kid, the popomatic was a way to discern which kids were serial killers by the way they pressed it)

4. Hungry Hungry Hippos (Best marble game hands down)

5. Scrabble (More fights break out when you play this game. I like when your opponent ends up with a “q” and a “x” and 5 vowels

1. Monopoly (game lags and no real skill involved)

2. Clue (Really too easy)

3. Checkers (a lot like monopoly in its simplicity)
Fuck board games

Let's drink and make awkward conversation
Matty, board games facilitate this. You never had someone spell “incest” in Scrabble and cause everyone else to go full mute for a good 5 minutes)?
Fair point. But in my experience, people favor board games because they'd rather not talk about stuff. They wanna be in the moment and shit. I'm rarely in the moment.

I'm no fun at parties, is what I'm saying.

Fuck board-gaming between adults. Ima go pet the dog and look through your stuff.
Definitely Risk here. Played so much of that with my bro growing up.

Monopoly's great as well.
Oh fuck yah. Trivial pursuit is Numero uno, imo. I forgot about that.
Cribbage has got a little wooden board thingie. I'll allow it.