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Auburn just got bounced by Yale..

Auburn was a -14.5 (-900) Favorite..
Here's what we have left. No real surprise schools left though decent share of higher seeds winning in 1st round. NCST biggest surprise but a pedigree ACC school.

East (Boston)
No. 1 seed Connecticut vs. No. 5 San Diego State
No. 2 seed Iowa State vs. No. 3 seed Illinois

West. (LA)
No. 1 seed North Carolina vs. No. 4 seed Alabama
No. 2 seed Arizona vs. No. 6 seed Clemson

South (Dallas)
No. 1 Houston vs. No. 4 Duke
No. 2. seed Marquette vs. No. 11 seed NC State

Midwest (Detroit)
No. 1 seed Purdue vs. No. 5 seed Gonzaga
No. 2 seed Tennessee vs. No. 3 seed Creighton
Monday morning lines at DK.
Two great games last night..

Alabama with an upset over North Carolina and Illinois sends Iowa State packing..

This has been one of the best tournaments I’ve seen in quite some time. Looking forward to tonight’s action.. 🏀
NC loss killed my pool. Only one with them winning it all and with 1-2-4-8-16-32 points given didn't want to lose in tiebreaker. Years ago I lost by 1 point having winning team knowing I lost after sweet 16 round. Wish they would do points distributed by seeds of winning teams. 32 points too much just for champion when someone had way more wins IMO.
Purdue only 5.5 faves vs. Gonzaga ??

Interesting line..
Purdue only 5.5 faves vs. Gonzaga ??

Interesting line..
Tough call, I don’t think Purdue is all that. They will have a pretty good HCA in Detroit, they travel well and will make that 4-hour drive. I don’t like any of the games tonight, but may play Gonzaga if it hits 6.
North Carolina State is so impressive..
I’m definitely not a Duke fan, however, I would like to see them knock out Houston.. Just saying..
Duke and Tennessee advancing..

Great tournament so far..

I knew Houston was a pretender..

Out coached and out played..
Purdue cruising along..

Connecticut cruising along..
UCONN -8.5 looks so tempting..