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Braves 5 - 8 Giants fd3bd0e0-52ab-48f0-8037-5cf763ac28d2
José Soriano’s first-pitch curveball dipped down and struck Alonso near the back of his head, on the neck, in a spot where his helmet didn't completely protect him. 0ef6afb7-5487-40ac-8d0a-8f9a25c0bb0f
Julio Rodríguez crushes a two-run homer, becoming the fastest player in Mariners history to 50 career home runs. 7272c4fe-c935-4bcd-89c8-2cf0fbf751c9
As if his 2023 wasn't impressive enough already, Shohei Ohtani has a chance to do something that has only been accomplished once in the past 56 seasons. As the culmination of the 2023 season approaches, Ohtani finds himself within reach of numerous individual accolades, alongside the prospect of guiding the Angels to their initial playoff participation since 2014. His second American League MVP Award in three years appears almost assured given his exceptional performance. The pursuit of Aaron Judge's recently established AL record of 62 home runs from the previous year lies within Ohtani's grasp. However, the pinnacle aspiration remains the Triple Crown. Ohtani aims to emulate a feat achieved by only one other player in the last 56 seasons: clinching the highest batting average, most home runs, and most RBIs in a single season across either the AL or NL. 8c431c74-eabc-451c-ba80-d0f30246be67
Julio Rodriguez set a new record for the most hits in a four-game stretch in either the AL or NL, amassing a total of 17 hits during this time. His streak of going 17-for-22 at the plate surpassed the previous record held by Milt Stock of the Brooklyn Robins back in 1925, who managed 16 hits. Notably, in those 22 at-bats, Rodríguez also managed to hit two home runs. J-Rod's past four games: Wednesday: 4-for-6, double, 2 RBIs, two stolen bases Thursday: 5-for-5, home run, double, 5 RBIs Friday: 4-for-5, home run, RBI, two stolen bases Saturday: 4-for-6, stolen base 8f781bf3-0908-47e0-a154-769812add9f7
Cody Bellinger cranks a solo homer and a two-run homer against the Royals. 90bad9c5-0854-414b-9a59-3ae568f3b703
PHi 12 WASH 3 ed49ec88-82f2-412d-8ade-275133954206
Serie A Opening Day - Frosinone 1 - 3 Napoli 32a2a3d5-54fb-42b0-adda-cc30a6ecd8f6
Borussia Dortmund 1 - 0 FC Cologne c9c86150-fd71-4fa5-8211-1ddb04a9d081
PFL Playoff. 07526afd-5bba-4dca-a397-f3a1003216e0
Almeria 1-3 Real Madrid 49f0dca8-a8ec-4c97-bae5-4e02d0903be0