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  • this id not works for me,maybe from pakistan,
    let shoot me odds plenty of time remaqining for nbacbb and nhl.thnx.
    RJ you better send me your info at
    not working,my account id:gold works for 2 days and blocked i get access but still no new signup id or existing id working,thnx,
    rj are you sincere or not?i am on run to win cbb contest at sbr,as i mentioned,but,no odds till i awake 5am in the morning,for you i missed my bangthebook pod too .
    rj u finger me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!by sending odds too late,you are not sincere friends,see the story i posted of king akbar and birbal in sbr forums thread 50000 posts.
    rj are u kidding me?you all doing on suggestions of that gandoo bread not to send lines or send after i sleep and games starts,i do not wanna bad mouth about you coz u r nice man except u all are fakes!!!!!!!!!!!!! u get info that i cahsed a 1004 free play for betjm from that ganmdoo and than u stopped sending me odds untill i finished with my FP to 0.00$.after that you came back as be my sincere friend!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111111111!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!,ur odds remain on post i cannt even look at those as games finsihed,that ganddo birthday is coming bestowe my monster Penis to him on his 39th bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111.u making laugh of me as robyn did in near past.Lora GL.
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