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:dunno: I mean it is AC/DC, I don't find the lyrics extraordinary. The little pricks should know what they're getting into.


Yer goddamn right!
A random music memory of childhood. First it would go:

I'll sing you one, O
Green grow the rushes, O
What is your one, O?

and then the song answers itself:

one is one and all alone and ever more shall be so

Fine. But then it goes: I'll sing you two, O.

And it's all like: Two, two lily-white boys clothed all in green-O

Sometimes shit got weird.


Yer goddamn right!
Twice it has happened. Not sure what to make of it.

MyJenny goes to the bathroom post-dinner to look after her teeth. She is very fastidious and it takes a while. Brushing, flossing, detailing. So I sit at the piano and fart around while I wait.

What I have been playing a lot lately is minimalist abstract versions of 90's Radiohead songs. So fine I do that.

Eventually MyJenny emerges and listens for a while. And now twice - to two different Radiohead songs - she has commented, "Is that Phantom of the Opera?


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Trench, the new Twenty One Pilots album is pretty good. Jumpsuit, Levitate and My Blood are all very groovy. Not much else on the album reaches out to me so far.

By far their worst album (the rest are all good as fok), but still pretty good.

And that's a thing to say.


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I recently had the pleasure of discovering Tim Hecker.

I suggest listening to his tracks from Ravedeath, 1972 (the year I was born) in this order:

No Drums
Hatred Of Music I
Hatred Of Music 2

It’s ambient music that’s a bit life changing, actually.



Yer goddamn right!
I had something I really wanted to play on the piano - beloved old tune I hadn't thought about in years and decades popped into my head - I sat down - all ready to sing my heart out like a meadowlark - and the piano is out of tune to the point of being unplayable.

All it takes is one strategic key and the whole deal is just ---> ferget it.

I swear I just got it tuned. Like in the summer?

I'll tell you what the problem is: kids these days always smoking the pot.



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Don’t let the name fool you. It’s not like his normal NIN stuff.

This is nice on a night drive.

I heard this when I asked "Alexa play NIN" and I couldn't figure out what it was/meant to revisit it. I realize I prob could have looked on wife's Alexa app and it would have said but that was too much effort/I forgot.



Yer goddamn right!
I have often wondered over the decades if I would outgrow Pink Floyd.

They became my "favorite band" when I was ~16 - taking over from Rush!! And they have been there ever since.

But there is that level of angst in some of their lyrics. My curmudgeonly brain sees that as more of a teen thing and thinks maybe I will outgrow Pink Floyd.

But after a few recent re-listens of a few strategic things, I am making the final, ultimate call:

I am not going to outgrow Pink Floyd.


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Bit ashamed to admit that I have yet to discover Pink Floyd, outside of the handful of hits that play on classic rock radio.

reno cool

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First time I heard Pink Floyd I was 9. We were gonna get theWall but it was too expensive settled for Dark Side of the Moon. And I was like wow! This is something. Back then it was so hard to figure out what albums your fav band made even :hey: When I 1st heard Animals I didn't like it and felt it wasn't Pink Floyd like. Loved Wish You Were Here right away. Still hardly heard any of the pre Meddle stuff.
Anyway easily in my top 3 rock bands, but I rarely listen to their albums these days :dunno: Always happy when comes on radio though