Little Ghanaian Playa

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Jan 24, 2010

* Please, they call me Frank, but please what is your name?
- My name is Chantel
* Chantel, oh, thats a nice name, your name fits you... Please i want you to be my friend, and vice versa
- You want my friendship?(smirk)
* Please, yes
- Where do you live?
* Please, this house right here, the nice one with the flowers, my dad in London built it for me, I'm the only one living in it
- Ok i hear, when i pass again, i'll search for you
* Please, im not finished, you know how the Ashanti's say friend and the white folks say girlfriend, so i want you to be my girlfriend
- HEY! Are you sick in the mind, you want me to be your girlfriend?
* Oh, im not small, dont be decieved, im 23 years, im not small at all
- Your 23 years, foreal, are you sure?
* I'm very sure, 23 years, im not small at all
- So you say you like me?
* Yea of course, not no small like, im talking about strong like
- Ok, i hear you
* Please how can i see you again?
- Do you know teacher? The one with the bald head, T?
* Yea yea teacher, thats my friend
- Thats your friend?
* Thats why i told you im not small, i hang around folks with money
- Foreal
* Yea, im not small, dont take it as a joke, please, if i didnt like you, i would tell you, so understand me
- Oh im serious, ok, so anytime you can come and search for me
* Any time, even in the nightime, seconds from now..
- Just come
* Giggles... And taps her on the bottom.. goes to his friend and she walks off
well just sorry to disturb you but i am unable to understand this conversation of yours .just would want to say that if you dont mind could you just explain this conversation in detail