Queen Bee
How was everyone's weekend?

Mine was not quite as lame. Saw a couple of old friends, and that was really super nice. haven't spent much time with my/our friends lately, os it felt good to actually socialize for a change.
Might go over to the one persons house for the PSU/Mich game and beers. that sounds good to me.
outside of that, didn't do too much else. but that's cool I guess. this weekend will probably be boring....unless I find something for us to do. We've had a list of movies waiting to be watched....but don't ever seem to get around to that...so. eh, who knows.
I need some more life in my life....


I Don’t Do Math Because It Hurts My Heart
I worked 37 hours between Friday-Sunday. Busy at the bar. Working a lot until this upcoming Sunday. My ex is flying into town, and we are driving to Virginia for the week.

Might go see The Joker today or tomorrow.


I Don’t Do Math Because It Hurts My Heart

Yeah that is tricky.

But what that likely means is that you both really enjoy each other’s company and as you get older there is a lot to be said about that.
This is the case Tron. It’s just a solid great friendship.