Favourite fast food


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Cos sometimes lifes a biatch and eating healthy takes too long...

Nominate hungry jacks (burger king to u guys) chicken wrap (is it even sold in US??)....can only put it down to that tangy processed mayo
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Does Swiss Chalet count? It seems like it might be too healthy to qualify but it's about the only take out food I ever get.

I sure do love it though. I just had it on Sunday and I was thinking, there are not many things in the world I would rather be having right now.

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There's a local place here called Beef-A-Roo that is pretty outstanding. Each one has it's own theme...50's burger joint, fire station, etc. Cheddar fries, decent shakes, and my personal fave there is their Buffalo Chicken sandwich.


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taco casa also like sonic happy hour and subway. im the fattest one here. chick-fil-a has best breakfast


Not sure what qualifies for fast food but my favourite was this Portuguese chicken joint in my old hood. It was a greasy dive from the outside without any signage. Half chicken and double starch of rice and potatoes for $5.50. I got fat off that stuff 6, 7 years ago.


Right next to it was a Portuguese bakery that made these ridiculously good puff pastry egg tarts. Good god, I can't wait to move back there.


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Arby's Deluxe Bacon Cheddar and curly fries. Sooo good.

But not the runny nasty melted cheddar. That shit is horrible.

I'm talking real cheese, and bacon....and one packet of HORESY SAUCE!