By The Numbers NFL Plays

Cougar Bait

I Come Correct
7-3-3 ATS YTD

Last week it was all dogs pretty much this week all faves

49ers -7.5
Texans -6.5
Bengals -1
Ravens -7.5


Generally Specific
I almost hate to go there but I like Carolina -4.5; The Chief's were pathetic before all of this craziness...

Edited cause I bumped it to Carolina -5.5

Cougar Bait

I Come Correct
I did play Carolina at 3.5 but it is not a numerology play

Not sure how you can't play that one for a little bit

Hoping Steve Smith has a big day as well


Filthy Hooker
You might not have dug them but the first was is a winner.
That was the one that I was CERTAIN was not going to go over. Me no pro.

Denver just started kicking it up (not that there was a doubt that they would win).