Any scotch drinkers?


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Ardbeg 10 Yr. Scotch -
Scotland, Islay | (750)mL
**Small Height** For peat lovers, nothing compares to Ardbeg. A heavy, pungent malt that is suprisingly gentle and citrussy on the palate. Its fanatical followers ensure that this distillery is always low on stock, so get it while it lasts!



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except bacon incorporates nonsense in truth often. no.

beer tastes good ja no 3 day hangover

that taste of the sauce though, not fair, fehk

bar in a bit and no shots boys, we're getting old but we still have that cool knowledgeable allure amirite


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Don't think I've ever seen a single malt for that little. I'll have to pick some up if I see it. No risk, really; at that price, I wouldn't feel bad using it for mixing if I didn't like it.


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Ardmore makes one in that price range. It's a really young, crisp and lightly peated scotch. 25 dollorz in Ontario, which is by far the cheapest single malt here.

It's pretty good.


I've had a bottle of Elijah Craig sitting around now for quite some time. I bought it because it was the cheapest bourbon they had.