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Jun 25, 2012
I've gotten into this show Guitar Center Sessions, they have cool artist after cool artist on for an interview and intimate performances. I will be trying the most acclaimed album of each one that interests me and posting a review of my thoughts without looking at other reviews.

Sure, why not

Lissie - Back to Forever. Good stuff. At times she is too poppy for me but she can rock out and her voice is off the charts good, she has a Stevie Nicks feel to her sometimes and I view Stevie as one of the best vocalists I have ever heard. How many times has this girl been dumped? You'd think a couple billion based on the songs. She should be a staple for people going through breakups. She has this cut throat attitude that is almost trashy sometimes, very cool.

The Habit is a solid rock song that keeps moving at a good pace. I like Cold Fish alot too, good alternative feel to it. She really shines on They all Want You, it has the feel of a heartbreak anthem, just a beautiful song. She pissed me off with the hook on Sleepwalking, but shit even Kings of Leon have one shitty song every album in my opinion so I guess I'll forgive her for that. She's very good live, her cover of Pursuit of Happiness has always been a favorite of Cami and Bacon.

6.4 frying pans for Back to Forever, pretty solid album she gets the extra .4 for being expelled from high school for spitting in her teacher's face.

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