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  1. reno cool

    I'm not opening that thread

    the one about assholes and toilets, No. But hello Mr.Q :hattip:
  2. reno cool

    what do we think about big trial?

    Is the defense trying to say the guy died of causes unrelated to the encounter with the cops? :surprised: My defense would've been "I was trained to do what I did, sometime motherfuckers die :dunno: " The system trying to make this prick the fall guy. But can he really be found not guilty...
  3. reno cool

    These idiots with their tax forms

    I thought they were supposed to make this thing simpler. Apparently you have to file more "schedules" and then the results from those schedules on other schedules, before putting them on the form. :fishhead: Nevermind that they added schedule 1 and 2 that previously were not needed, I didn't...
  4. reno cool


    Oh oh, Capitals fined for breaking virus protocol. It's the Russians :ohmy: I think all 4 Russians suspended. ...not confirmed
  5. reno cool


    Do the Bears have any offense at all? Amazing they still in this game. Bring in Foles.
  6. reno cool

    Look Casper, our favorite

    :love: is she gone underground? she looks like she's on the run from the man.
  7. reno cool

    this is an accurate assessment of the stupidity
  8. reno cool

    omg I just realized

    I can't distinguish the last 20 years of my life. I know I became pro in '99, graduated in '89 and '93. Came to America in 1980. And there were other notable years. But can I tell the difference between 2009 and 2013? :dunno: Is this normal?
  9. reno cool

    These Idiots With Their Stupid Clock These genius "scientists" have been using this very unscientific clock for decades and nobody seems to mind. To the best of my understanding, they must simply hold a board meeting and vote(?) on where the clock should land. And they've been...
  10. reno cool

    watched some of Trumps address

    reading through the lines. so basically the usual thing. More warmongering, vilifying other countries, torturing in Guantanamo, scaring immigrants, and USA USA.
  11. reno cool

    What do we think about all these "sexual misconduct" allegations?

    Personally I get a kick out of it. Now apparently the fruity Chinese guy that everybody loves from Star Trek is involved. Louie CK, guy from American Beauty etc.. :dunno: Kinda feels like the farce of American pop culture gets exposed. These admirable guys and the respectable fags, versus the...
  12. reno cool

    so did they shut up about Korea?

    decided they had no options, or still trying to start trouble over there?
  13. reno cool


    I pull up to a guy at a traffic light, and he says to me "rollin dirty". Was it mean?
  14. reno cool

    Victory Day

    Love the concept of the Immortal Regiment, and impressed at how quickly the idea and event spread around the world. It is good to see people celebrate and honor the accomplishment and struggle of our ancestors together, at a time when some try to divide us along some stupid sectarian lines...
  15. reno cool

    Jimmy Dore Show

    it's not bad. I've been watching some of these clips. You have to dig really dip to find some sensible anti war views in America these days. Especially since the election, all the slime trying to outslime one another. He goes on a good rant in this one
  16. reno cool

    How much do you guys pay for auto insurance

    The bastids are raising my 6mo to 730. I was trying to shop around and the whole thing is pretty ridiculous. Switched to progressive from Geico 6 months ago after being with them for 15 years to save like $80. 6 months later its back to the old level. :facepalm:
  17. reno cool

    Easy December

    Had a decent year, gonna coast, gonna mostly take December off. Not that I've been working very hard anyway lately, or even for a while. Hoping I can get it geared up in January after doing less and less. Gonna take time to come up with some plan I can get excited about. Seems like that's...
  18. reno cool

    I visited your favorite casino Iag

    last summer. Talk about middle of nowhere. Was praying for my car not to break down. Actually saw some large beast killing a deer on my way outathere :facepalm:
  19. reno cool

    Only in America: Whats the deal with Chealse(?) Manning

    So she/he is in prison for revealing ..I don't remember ..a bunch of horrible shit about US atrocities in Iraq etc but now has a right to sex change operation in prison due to "gender dysphoria" :bennyhill: