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  1. Boner's Equine Exploits

    Yeah. We're gonna keep taking shots until the competition gets really steep (maybe that'll be the Sam F. Davis as it's a G3). He's 4th but maybe a lucky trip or race shape is the difference between some bigger money here. If not he'll probably go after the conditions once he ships back up to...
  2. Coronavirus

    Don't worry I'm back in NY north.
  3. Coronavirus

    With the activities Blitty and I got up to in 24hrs in FL I think it's 70/30 one of us ends up with it..

    Glad to out of that God forsaken state. Until next month.
  5. Boner's Equine Exploits

    We're gonna run in the Sam f. Davis for derby points. I don't agree with it but that's the play.
  6. Boner's Equine Exploits

    4th place. We had fun tho.
  7. Considering betting on sports

    I can barely keep up with all the bonuses and various bets at other books covering the other side, etc. This is wild.
  8. Boner's Equine Exploits

  9. Considering betting on sports

    How about this. Odds boost currently offering +800 new England and Oakland win. Pinny odds are +171 and +195 for combined implied prob of .125 or +700. Is this +800 a good bet or am I crazy?
  10. Considering betting on sports

    I completed the roll on $3300 bonus (300 new sign up and deposit match up to 3k) - stake and winnings. Crazy easy and basically just lost the vig. Gonna get everyone I know to do it.
  11. Considering betting on sports

    Daily. They're what reno said and I don't think they overcome the juice either. So it's a specific 3 team parlay here that should be +308 but they offer it at +370. It's crap.
  12. Considering betting on sports

    Obviously if it's just a boost on some ML or spread that pushes it past the other side I can just take it or arb it.
  13. Considering betting on sports

    How can I exploit these odds boost things where they boost a parlay? So they're giving me +370 on teams A (vs B), C (vs D) and E (vs F) win. Is that generally +ev? Maybe not.
  14. Steves gets his life together

    I know Steves gonna Steve, 100% without a doubt. But I can't help but feel that threads like this egged him on/pushed him a bit further. No?
  15. Steves gets his life together

    As Iong as only the slimy ones. I'm shifty but NOT slimy.
  16. Coronavirus

    I went to a kids birthday party indoors at some trampoline place. My wife didn't want to go, she had to visit a family member in the hospital a few days later. But I said, kid is 4 years old and she's never been to a fucking birthday party. Just hope I don't get covid before a quick trip to...
  17. Random thoughts

    We put bread and PB in the fridge for counter space reasons. And while a quick Google confirms my suspicion that it inhibits mold growth I learned it also speeds up process of making bread stale! Though we toast almost all our bread so that's less of a concern. Bread!
  18. kato's good mourning/good evening thread

    Good morning Kato. Cold here today.
  19. Steves gets his life together

    You people? YOU PEOPLE?!?
  20. Celebrity death Pool Time

    Bob Saget. Stange.