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  1. Blitty

    Mortons Neuroma

    Been woken up half a dozen times by burning sensation in foot Finally googled it Wtf Morton's neuroma
  2. Blitty

    Tragedy on Saint-Catherine street

    Matty, why didn’t you tell me the awful news??!?? Nooooooooooooo
  3. Blitty


    One of the few downsides of my community is the low public school rating. Think it’s a 2/10. Discovered this profile which features fights at the local High school. Most of these vids were from today: Unreal. It’s in a nice area...
  4. Blitty

    Robin Lehner is going kamikaze on the NHL

    Burn motherfucker burn :popcorn
  5. Blitty

    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever I’m 99% sure I got it. What the fok. Back to the urgent care tomorrow to get anti-biotics. . Move to Tennessee they said. It will be fun they said.
  6. Blitty

    Marlins @ Red Sox

    We out here.
  7. Blitty


    Went up 400% this week. I was monitoring it closely the entire time too, but didn’t get involved. Fml
  8. Blitty

    Got flooded

    This is course I played golf at last weekend. Less than mile from my house. 100 year flood.
  9. Blitty

    KHL Playoffs

  10. Blitty

    Forum poster lending ranking

    Most reliable to least.. And GO!
  11. Blitty

    Breeder Thread

    This is a family thread, so lets keep it PG guys. Breeders only.
  12. Blitty

    This is a New Now Thread

    Just realized I find it hilarious when people wear masks, yet they are just pulled down on their chin. They usually have a look on their face like they are doing something productive.
  13. Blitty

    If someone faded Tron the past few months

    Would they be the most winningest bettor ever?
  14. Blitty


    Now that I live in the south(ish) I’m supposed to give a shit about college football roll tide roll -BadNina
  15. Blitty

    SUCK IT CANADA !!!!!

    USA USA USA 🇺🇸
  16. Blitty

    Le verre de terre is coming to Montreal

    Matty, are you ready for The Worm?? Corey Perry signs 1 with HABS
  17. Blitty

    LOCK in Darts

    Karel Sedlacek is known to chuck some heaters.
  18. Blitty

    GAMBOL 101

    I’ve got about 3 STACKS loaded into fanduel,mgm,draftkings. Seems like they all feature LIVE betting. Just realized my Fubo TV has just about every CFB game. I see myself having a few more drinks and getting absolutely BURIED. What’s the best strategy to prevent that?
  19. Blitty

    The Shopping Cart Theory

    Which one of you POS doesn’t put the cart away?
  20. Blitty

    Sportsbetting Legal in TN on Nov. 1st

    Give me a winner, boys.