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  1. Dunder

    Anyone hear from Dunder?

    Consider me officially "heard from". My mum, unfortunately, passed away after a stroke. I am well past the feeling sorry for myself stage and have spent the last week or so with my dad (who can barely boil an egg for himself). I have a lot to catch up with but will be fully back in action tomorrow.
  2. Dunder

    **BEST BETS** Friday April 30

    Done RJ, thanks.
  3. Dunder

    **BEST BETS** Friday April 30

    Hi folks. My mother has taken ill and I am going to be out of commission for a few days. The below includes updates for the last two days. I was going to upload a simplified a version of the spreadsheet in the hope that one kind soul would take over the grading for a few days but it appears...
  4. Dunder

    Eary Inter/Barcelona chatter...

    Milito not fit. Will be a 3-4-3 for Barcelona against a 4-5-1 for Inter. I can't remember Barcelona starting with that formation before, looks like they will go for it from the first whistle.
  5. Dunder

    This is it - Habs/Caps - game 7

    On behalf of married men, I would grade it as a score draw. Some would say that Matty Rain was overcompensating! Not me, of course.
  6. Dunder

    ** BEST BETS ** Wednesday 28th April

    Going with one of Juror's plays. Copa do Brasil Atletico Mineiro - Santos Over 3.0 -119 SBOBet
  7. Dunder

    This is it - Habs/Caps - game 7

    Games that are live on UK TV have reasonable liquidity and play-off games are better than regular season. I normally trade 7 or 8 markets each day, 3 or 4 or those I would expect to have low liquidity (but with better margins). They, of course, are the ones where I can get exposed but ever...
  8. Dunder

    Varied unit size or flat betting ??

    Where I have an edge that I can quantify (maybe 30% of my bets), I use a modified version of Kelly which smooths out bet sizes at extreme odds (the modifications become noticeable when odds are lower than -400). Other than that I bet 2 units (1% of bankroll). When I am tailing someone else, it...
  9. Dunder

    This is it - Habs/Caps - game 7

    I have about 20k sterling up. The guy with the huge amounts has been tailing me. I would stress that my intention is to end up balanced.
  10. Dunder

    Eary Inter/Barcelona chatter...

    Dundy's hero! I don't envy the job of the referee tonight.
  11. Dunder

    Eary Inter/Barcelona chatter...

    Yup. I also layed (as in bet against) Barcelona, Real and Man Utd after the Group Stage so no play for me on tonight's match.
  12. Dunder

    PINNACLE not wanting you to take PITTSBURGH +1.5 there

    Juror, I know that he hasn't done very well in terms of keeping his numbers up but Tomato for POTM or else!!!!111
  13. Dunder

    This is it - Habs/Caps - game 7

    I am trading/market making this game (Betfair). You can bet all you like on the Capitals at 1.37 (-266). :poutine:
  14. Dunder

    ** BEST BETS ** Wednesday 28th April

  15. Dunder

    GLPPOTD - Tuesday April 27th **ATTN JUROR & DURITO**

    The vote was fairly clear cut and perhaps more importantly I bet it (freeplay). On that basis we will call it a GLAPTOPODT WINNER!
  16. Dunder

    ATTN: Dunder aka Plunder

    Just 44 points left, Patrick. Your Credit Score would be well into triple digits now. I am in the UK which, for me, is home.
  17. Dunder

    Eary Inter/Barcelona chatter...

    I like Inter +0.5 for 90mins. It is a bigger pitch at the Nou Camp but I think they can shackle Messi again.
  18. Dunder

    Who are the three people you hate MOST at S_R?

    1) MastaB 2) G's Picks 3) Richkas.
  19. Dunder

    3 Over plays in soccer for Wednesday

    Thanks RJ. I will jump on the bandwagon too (small). Goog luck to us.
  20. Dunder

    Gamelive got rid of some of the douche bags from sbr

    Names Dustin, we need names.