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  1. max headroom

    Wtf is this Bitcoin shit

    Do you guys have a BTC Wallet you recommend? One that will send to a BTC ATM would be ideal. Wtf is this shit.
  2. max headroom

    Gamelive poker talk

    As you guys know I'm doing this full time now. I've been trying to make a comparable amount to what I made as a loan officer. So far it's been alright, I run about 5x the bb but to make what I have in mind it's had to be 70-80 hours a week, if I can improve I can lighten the load. They say the...
  3. max headroom

    ATTENTION: Trailerparkboys

    How u doin, bruh. I was in Abbington, Pa yesterday. Bitches be POPPIN out thurr . Place was made chill. Gettin thur early joggyjog on and all o dat. Everything just right. Was talkin to some homie about life being about position and some hottie was like who in the fuck actually is this dude? Is...
  4. max headroom

    Thread where Steves rambles about life

    As requested it will all go in here. All of it. I just don't really have anyone else to tell right now so, again I apologize. Things have been so crazy. Yesterday stopped by this bar and made some friends. One out of nowhere drives me to a good casino. We were both COMPLETELY faced. I win -...
  5. max headroom

    No one likes you here as well Plommer

    I don't expect to see you even looking at the forum until she is paid in full WITH 20% interest. That negotiation is no longer between the two of you and you're gonna do it by 7.1.2018 cause I know you're a fucking loser and your life sucks or your pretend but that's not at all a poker game you...
  6. max headroom

    Best bet thread starting 5.12.2018

    Old standings are done. New standings start now. Everyone is welcome except until Plommer until he pays IAG back in full, ya fuckin fat stupid manboob pussy ass bitch. I feel like makin friends in Saskatch for you so I suggest you figure that out sooner than later, mangina. Everyone else feel...
  7. max headroom

    Rap flow thread for poster Bread and whoever else wants to join

    Jack in the sack look out I'm back and I'm in the rabbit in the hat Lickity splat I was gettin phat but I'm over that so let's go You think you some hero check my flow It's like Niagra Niagra bitches, heard they's pretty cool. Been looking to meet them maybe they'll take me to school. That would...
  8. max headroom

    Thing's that don't piss you off

    .Lesbian pillow fights. Money Shrimp Crab Chicken breast Steamable via the microwave veggies Spray veggie oil Volleyball Good guitars KOL Highly Suspect (the band) Pink Floyd Zeppelin Pre 2000 U2 Being alive (for now) Beautiful women smiling and flirting - you take the edge off - you really do...
  9. max headroom


    So when I'm at the tables there is plenty of time to kill when waiting for good spots. Sure TV's everywhere and sure it's nice to talk with the other players to an extent but I'm always looking for ideas. Right now I am on: Mr. Gun (very addictive quick shooter) Amazon Music HQ trivia...
  10. max headroom

    Have you ever been pornshamed?

    So the strippers talked about doing it which I fully understand and it could go that way the way things are going. Has it happened to you? A couple almost pornshamed me but then decided not to go through with it. Pretty funny stuff actually. I'm thinking Blitty might have been pornshamed by...