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  1. Archie

    GameLive is Porn Apparently

    we have our niches
  2. Archie

    Taliban wins again

    I honestly don't have time to keep up on the stupid lightfoot shanangians or Chicago 3 am murder rate. I'd guess the murders are the same, and media coverage is up though... I'd have to guess that they are surpassing the 200+ worthless thugs dying per day gasping for breath in Florida...
  3. Archie

    Taliban wins again

    we are all on the same team we need to get Mr.Monkey to lead the AMERICAN security team
  4. Archie

    Guess The Breasts

    mackenzie phillips?
  5. Archie

    Big Boys Club

    woah that is amazing. I've never seen one in person, I'd love to see how banked the track and curves are. if the 2016 Olympics had selected Chicago as their city, the plan was for a velodrome to be constructed in the park about 1000 feet from our house. I think other BMX and or mountain biking...
  6. Archie

    How bone bone picks his bets

    we need some speak and spin action today
  7. Archie


    oh wow they had that rough day, on the exact day of my marital bliss beginning
  8. Archie


    agree that, these antibodies would be better the difference between a basketball team that has actually played games vs team that only watched film and practiced
  9. Archie

    bone bone don't forget this year

    always remember
  10. Archie

    This Has Been A Rough Day

    does Casper still want kids?
  11. Archie

    September workout Challenge

    7 mile bike 2 mile run 8 mile bike 20 push ups
  12. Archie

    Celebrity death Pool Time

    Michael K Williams Omar from The Wire
  13. Archie

    Big Boys Club

  14. Archie

    Big Boys Club
  15. Archie

    Big Boys Club

    oh, blitty beat me too the hill question. to boner's point. we have a couple intersections here in Chicago where Police will do that. Especially at some of our weird 6 corner street intersections but it becomes a popular spectator sport and the pedestrians start to clue the bikers in, and...
  16. Archie

    Big Boys Club

    Good Luck, Matty? you gonna have a helmet cam on? while you ride up that hill today as well? or ever?
  17. Archie

    September workout Challenge

    what? Russian twists are just like a sorta crunch/situp hybrid. I do them with feet off ground and as my torso returns to the ground I twist and touch my hands (holding a small medicine ball or 3 lb dumbbell to ground)
  18. Archie

    September workout Challenge

    9/5 5 mile run 35 pushups 2-60 sec planks 2-30 sec dead bugs 20 Russian twists
  19. Archie

    Re: Sexy voice

    oh seminal vesicles