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  1. Cami

    Where the fok is the football thread?!

    You twats! where is it?! Did anyone else see that ridiculously embarrassing game the Redskins played last night? 🤦
  2. Cami

    what's up fokkers!!!!!

    Hi!!! happy belated holidays and all that shit. How the hell are ya?! What's new? what did I miss???
  3. Cami


    FOTD: Banging your head against the wall will burn 150 calories.
  4. Cami

    What are you doing this weekend?

    So...what's everyone got planned? matty, rog, muddy, quincy...anyone?
  5. Cami

  6. Cami

    I need to vent

    I feel guilty. a friend of mine helped me out when I moved back home with a place to live. I pay to rent a room from her, but the problem is I am hardly there. (i am looking for my own place). I try to be home at least one day a week to spend time and I help with her dog. I feel bad because I...
  7. Cami

    hiiii gamelive!!!!!

    Hi everybody! I hope you are all doing well. Muddy I'm sorry to hear about your brother Matty how's the fam? Casp how's life...your luck turning around any? Hi girls! Doest blityy have a girl now...? Hope everyone has a happy holiday!
  8. Cami

    I forgot to tell you something VERY IMPORTANT!!

    Segura sent me a friend request!!!
  9. Cami

    tsk tsk gaymelivers

    I am very disappointed to log in, and see NO birthday thread for me. and here I thought you were my efriends. :boo:
  10. Cami

    Spot the balls...teehee

    71% and I don't even watch it.
  11. Cami


    I have a few options I am looking into, but I was wondering if ya'll have any good investment options, stocks and other wise. If you don't want to post it feel free to hit me on fb or PM me here. TIA for your advise.
  12. Cami

    Ya'll borig me tonight

    where day fuq is everyone?! The one day I am in the mood to post with you all and shoot the shit, no one is around, you sucl donkey dick.
  13. Cami

    wassup erryone!?!

    Hi!! How you all been?
  14. Cami

    How old were you when....

    You got your first legit job? I did a lot of baby sitting, but my first real job, paycheck and all, was when I was 15, my freshman year of highschool. When you had your first drink? when I was 15. Your first real gf/bf I was 11. 5th grade, dated for just over a year. broke up...
  15. Cami


    I know this is early, but I am massively excited!!!! Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed Saturday. well, unless they automatically change themselves, in which case, don't turn them.
  16. Cami

    What order would you drink beer in?

    Say you have a variety of beer, from lights, to IPAs, porters, stouts, chocolates, Guinness etc. What order would you drink them in? Would start with the lightest and work your up to the darkest/heaviest, or the other way around?
  17. Cami

    Tour De France

    Is passing right through my moms town. If you watch the Tour De France when it is going through La Chapelle-Chausse, you just might see my mom on the side of the road waving hello. I think this is pretty fucking cool. Don't stalk my mom.
  18. Cami

    Google yourself

    and tell or show me/us what is the very fist thing that you see. Google both your real self, and your poster handle. Ready, set, GO!
  19. Cami


    :lovebubbles::hurrah: Here's to many more! :cheers:
  20. Cami