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  1. Canadian Tennis Phenom Leylah Fernandez

    If a young cute Canadian tennis player vying for a major can't get @Mudcat to post I fear we're truly lost... Go Leylah!
  2. Watched 55 Minutes Of a Basketball Game Tonight

    First half was done in 45 mins. The 50th - 55th minutes took half an hour. Yuck. Go Knicks.
  3. The 2021 Masters Tournament

    From 2020. @Tron who you like for the Green Jacket this year?
  4. The Ganja Thread

    I smoked weed almost exclusively (no alcohol but some other drugs) ages 13-20, including a period of heavy use (5x+/day) from ages 18-20. Use dropped off at age 20 and in the last couple years I've smoked probably average of 1x/year. Last time I smoked was 2/14/20. I've kinda always said I...
  5. Ask Gamelive For Advice

    Guys, gotta fire my landscaper. He's an old dude maybe 70 and he kinda just sucks. This past year he didn't show up on time, never did a spring cleaning etc... he's a nice enough dude who kinda came with the house. Anyhow, text message and a bit of a lie like "were going to do our own thing"...
  6. Winter Storm - Before and After

    We're about to get hammered. Cleaned the carburetor on my snowblower this weekend got the propane generator all gassed up. Blitty you get iced over yet?
  7. Cmon Five Teamer!!!

    One time
  8. NEVER FORGET - 9/11

    Missed this yesterday. God bless.
  9. Juror - Forum Issue Replying on Mobile

    When typing in the reply box at the bottom of a page on mobile the backspace key causes the entire keyboard to disappear and i have to reengaage the reply box to bring it back up. Im on android s10, probably whatever the most recent os is. Is it me or the forum?
  10. The 146th Kentucky Derby

    Who you got?
  11. Do you like cars?

    Do you like cars? I've never been a gear head. I had a cousin who was into cars and I would go with him to the junk yard and get parts and we'd do low level repairs. When I bought a 98 Honda accord I bought the Haynes manual and did my own brakes rotors and oil changes. Recently I've been...
  12. 2020 Belmont Stakes - First Leg of Triple Crown

    Some interesting handicapping angles here to beat Tiz The Law. I just saw a compelling argument for Jose blocking Franco to clear a path for Irad. I'll be most keyed in to the Jaipur. A horse named White Flag is entered to this G1 (and Breeders Cup "Win And You're In"). This horse is out of...
  13. Cannonball Run

    I had no idea this shit was happening regularly. Pretty fucking cool.
  14. Baby Blitty - The Second Coming

    Deserves its own thread.
  15. Only in Canada - Sick (Gabriel Wortman video)

    Another mass shooting. Seems like every week there's another one up north. When will your government put a stop to the madness?
  16. What's The Value of a Human Life?

    Obviously it varies based on an infinite range of factors. I think a 90+ year old american human is worth 100k. 30 year old college educated male, couple mil? Less than 10. More than 1. A baby has to be less than that, right? Rj, apologies in advance if this puts the site on some watch...
  17. Tornado in Nashville

    Blitty turning around for the constant 75 and sunny of the OC.
  18. Super Bowl LIII

    Thinking of heading over to NJ (30 minutes) to pick up some tile for a bathroom remodel and sit in the home depot parking lot placing some bets. Who we like? Saw Nick Bosa MVP +2000, seems like a good bet if the 9ers are to win. Anything else?
  19. Whats the Longest Beard Youve Ever Grown?

    I've been at about a 4-6 week beard for the last 15 months or so, trimming every 3-4days. But now I'm on 7 weeks and thinking about just going straight on til new years. I'm a hairy guy and have good coverage and have been considered by some hipster (despite my conservative capitalist...