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  1. fiveteamer

    Really Missing Mr.X

  2. fiveteamer

    Masmaxx Check In

    Planning a trip to San Diego. Gonna hit up Del Mae and see Blittty. Pm me your number.
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    Oaks/Derby Double

    3,10 / 10,15,2,5 ($4) 12,13 / 10,15,2,5 ($8)
  4. fiveteamer

    2014 Mini Toronto Bash

    We are working out details right now but so far we have confirmation from: -Iwinyourmoney -BrentCrude -curious -madmaxx
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    Breeders' Cup 2014 Thread

    Post picks, thoughts, banter and analysis here. This is gamelive's official Breeders' Cup 2014 thread.
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    CaliGirl back in her college days lookin' like Debbie Gibson...

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    Pat Hentgen vs. Andy Pettitte

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    Do you like cuddling?

    Suck me off before work. I promise to use this moment repeatedly as jerk material for the next 36 months. Just suck on this fucking cock.
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    Do you want to go to Matty's wedding? Were you not invited to Matty's wedding?

    Do you have some sort of grudge either online or in real life against Matty? Well, here's your chance to get sauced at his wedding and confront him once and for all. Be my +1. I need to know by August 8th.
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    Really Want to Have a Good Summer

    I feel like I'll never again be this young, have this much money and this much hair. I really think it's all down hill from here thanks to the tiractor of genetics, time and politics. And so I don't want to stay in Toronto all summer. Where should I go? I have around two weeks of vacation...
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    Click Here to Watch PK Subban Cheat
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    How was this not a push?

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    Can someone show me how to buy bitcoins?

    Just break it down and explain it to me like the moran I am. I need to buy bitcoins in Canada. The caveat is that I doubt that my bank will allow me to etf online. The whole process seems so shady and I don't know which sites I can trust.
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    Real Madrid vs. Barcelona - Sports Talk

    Gonna watch this game so hard today. Game starts at 4:00 EST. Gonna have beer, sandwiches, maybe some chips and then cupcakes afterwards. How many goals will Bale score? Anybody else watching this game?
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    Kevin Spacey is a POS, folks

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    DQ Costs Horseplayer over $1.6 mil
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    Daily unemployed horse racing thread

    I recently find myself unemployed yet again. While I was at the gym today I had the idea that I would take $340 from my line of credit and put it in my horse racing account. Now, I'll admit this isn't the greatest idea I've ever had but it's definitely in the top 3 or 4. So I'm going to...