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  1. fiveteamer

    Any hot sauce fans?

  2. fiveteamer

    What's upppppp old friends?!?

    Vegas Dave is a first ballot HOF poster
  3. fiveteamer

    What happened to poster KATO?

    Great taste in music. Kato is a first ballot hall of fame poster
  4. fiveteamer

    Guess The Breasts

    Anybody got any pictures of Cali Girl? She was a nice girl.
  5. fiveteamer

    Casper’s Quarantine Horse Racing Plays

    Please don't shut down Tampa Bay Downs, Oaklawn and Gulfstream. Only thing keeping me sane at the moment.
  6. fiveteamer

    Who;s drinking tonight?

    We have a very nice Goose Island pub in Toronto. Very nice patio. Hope to get back there one day.
  7. fiveteamer

    19 y/o white rapper from Pittsburgh

    Spotify keeps recommending new Mac songs to me and I cannot listen to to them. It's very difficult.
  8. fiveteamer

    Serious question...

    Hey pal, don't forget the trip to the track.
  9. fiveteamer

    19 y/o white rapper from Pittsburgh

    Miss you brother
  10. fiveteamer


    I remember his 2nd career start. Took a perfect game in to the 9th only to have Bobby Higginson hit a solo shot off him. The start to his career was and odd one. He got the yips at one point and was looking like Rick Abkiel. They sent him all the way back down to rookie ball and worked his way...
  11. fiveteamer

    Who;s drinking tonight?

    Not tonight but on Saturday I will have a very nice coffee stout.
  12. fiveteamer

    19 y/o white rapper from Pittsburgh
  13. fiveteamer

    19 y/o white rapper from Pittsburgh

  14. fiveteamer

    People who watch non-HD channels on their HDTV...

    That actually bothers me. Love you Mr.X
  15. fiveteamer

    Who;s drinking tonight?

  16. fiveteamer

    Teela you will love this

    Is that Iwinyourmoney
  17. fiveteamer

    How bout them Jays!

    Playoff tickets go on sale on the 7th at 10am...
  18. fiveteamer

    General question for general hooligans assuming your buddy is not living in Quebec
  19. fiveteamer

    The Blue Jays tho

    I've got like 10 more pairs of tickets for the rest of the season
  20. fiveteamer

    What Up Bitches

    Come to toronto I'm so incredibly lonely I mean it would be great to see you again.