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  1. Ask a guy who got dumped today anything AMA

    lets hear those Q's
  2. Dawgs barking check in backers

    im pumped for this fucking game gurshall all day over lattimore murray will rape shaw and we got rambo!!!!!
  3. Do you miss them?

    im talking coug cali dafty i miss dafty, dafty come back
  4. Whos up?

    Im fuking pumped pal lets go do something yeah buddy get it
  5. Can Archie surpass jjgold?

    We have our differences but lets face it no one puts in more time then archs. Will arches become the face of sbr?
  6. Could Chicago support two NFL teams?

    Heard this on the radio and I say absofukinglutely
  7. Hey vendildo

    Need ur 5 star asg play like last year. What was the all in play last yr over 8? Can't make this shit up
  8. Can't wait for cfb!!!!

    My most anticipated games of the year 5. clem vs fsu 4. okl vs tex 3. mich vs osu 2. uga vs usc (gonna be a shoot out and i love them) 1. oregon vs usc (another shoot out) fuk lsu/bama not sitting thru that bullshit again this year might be one the best, gonna be hard to top...
  9. FFT

    Fantasy forum trades gamelive sends cami and 173 to sbr for paco and ngates too bad its only a fantasy,would work nicely for gl
  10. Hope ur ready

    for c's/spurs finals all the fuking hamburgers with futures on okc/heat beyond buried who the fuk saw this coming
  11. Its heating up!!

    yes pun intended king james, dwade and t-rex about to go ham book it
  12. Venditto get in here, I am horny

    Its late and I am super horned, I will paypal u up to 500 for a cam show. WILL pay once show is over and all my requests are met.
  13. Rangers or O's- who we got?

    ml -128 rl +125 wierds 5 rangers crush lefties, no ranger has faced chen who has been hit pretty well by yanks and sox lewis has good numbers vs o's, not a may or day pitcher, numbers just a bit higher on day i say 1st inning score yes -120
  14. This guy i know won't come out the closet

    How do i get him out?
  15. Your favorite poster

    mine would be hands down dafty sorry kato ur 2nd
  16. Matching daftys winner

    Sixers Come at me bruh
  17. I hit the lottery...Later losers

    Have fun with looking at lines..etc.... LMAO Losers.
  18. The government is watching me

    Every move I make, all over me. Living in fear is not the answer :surrender:
  19. Welcome JerseyBoyCA

    Hello :buddy:
  20. Not a alias or ghost

    Got it?