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  1. Oksana

    Tell me every CR book you're currently funded at please

    There's a method to my madness so just humour me. :)
  2. Oksana

    On Oksy's mind the week of 15/12/12

    Because I'm sure you're all dying to know: 1. I think Google or maybe just the Internet has killed my brain quite a lot. And maybe the art of conversation and learning too. I used to think about how to solve problems and keep trying until I either figured it out/someone came to my rescue or I...
  3. Oksana

    show/tell me your bookmarks

    not sure why but i'm always fascinated by what other ppl have my main ones
  4. Oksana

    yo dopers...have a question

    Is there any sort of way of taking drugs where you put one of those old school paper cigarette tubes or maybe a little straw way to the back of your mouth with drugs inside of it? Everything I'm Googling comes back about snorting shit or actually eating the paper but I'm almost positive this...
  5. Oksana

    I'm in a mood

    So an ex got married today. I knew it was happening as he called to tell me. As did his mother and sister. Which is lovely really. This is the guy who lived in my house and stole my dog. Haven't been with him for maybe 8 or 9 yrs and when I broke off our engagement I'm pretty sure I gave up all...
  6. Oksana

    Why is your name your name? (real one)

    Just read on FB that a friend's mother found out after 30+ years her husband insisted on my friend's name because it was the girl who got away in high school. Mother is threatening to leave him now :lmao: Got me thinking... most of us know each other's real names here. Even if we don't, I...
  7. Oksana

    Help! I need somebody!

    Bed has now collapsed while waiting for Youshit to upload this :sad:
  8. Oksana

    V 2.0 Oksy's Questions

    To cheer myself up after a long couple of weeks, I'm bringing back my thread that got lost in the Gamelive Server Meltdown of 2012 RIP. Some will be ifs and others will be from the other book. I may have repeated some. Getting old. Oh and Ray and RJ - If you can find it online, check out...
  9. Oksana

    Do you buy newspaper digital passes?

    Not sure if that's what they're called elsewhere but those subscriptions where you pay $5/wk or whatever to read all the content of a newspaper online?
  10. Oksana

    High school/Grade school negative memories...

    Have any? I have quite a few but am definitely an over sharer on here already. But what do you remember from grade/high school that someone said to you that still sticks in your mind after all these years? Can we out them for being a wanker???? This will be stuff that chances are the other...
  11. Oksana

    MotoGp racer Marco Simoncelli dies during race

    Not a huge sport for most of my N American friends, but for some of us elsewhere... this is a pretty big deal. My little buddy I bet on quite often is gone.
  12. Oksana

    Computer help please!

    What would cause my computer to suddenly go to a black screen and say "no operating system can be found" and just basically go to shit? I had initially thought my son had spilled something on it again but he didn't.
  13. Oksana

    Blitty - Since I can't post on your Facebook Wall

    (which you blocked me from ages ago by the way) Happy birthday in case I forget tomorrow when the notification's gone for me. Hope you have a good one pal. :cheers:
  14. Oksana

    Fantasy Football Teams

    First time doing this - had a lot of fun with the draft although Roguey and Stevies stiffed me royally. Here's what I ended up with after doing two free agency trades. Haven't heard of most of these guys. QB: Brady WR: Hakeem Nicks, Percy Harvin, Dez Bryant RB: Mendenhall, Shonn Greene TE...
  15. Oksana

    bodog leaving US at year's end

    Not sure how many of you even play there but thought I'd post it any way just in case.
  16. Oksana

    Has this happened to anyone? (kind of gross)

    I was chewing some pasta and my son made me laugh. Somehow a chewed piece of penne is stuck in between my nose and mouth. I've tried fake sneezing, blowing my nose, coughing, etc... Nothing. All it did was pop my ears. Even Googled this and nothing I could find worked. One woman said this...
  17. Oksana

    MonkeyF0cker, should I light another candle?

    You're taking this stuff, right? Or am I thinking of someone else? If it is you I'm thinking of then I hereby ban you from entering any more Rasper threads. The constant burials may destroy your already fragile heart. Research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal on Monday...
  18. Oksana

    UFC131 - Bread I need just ONE winning play

    Sportingbet AU is offering 100% match, 1x rollover up to $150 on one winning bet for 131 and one for 132. This my chance to get back almost all the cash I lost on Pennis last week. Holla
  19. Oksana

    MMA help

    I am on a very bad 0-5 tennis streak right now so a friend gave me 2 MMA tips to try to voodoo my luck. As some of you may recall I've watched this stuff exactly twice. Ed Herman Jeremy Stephens (to throw in a parlay I guess) Yay or nay?
  20. Oksana

    Matchbook - 0% commission tennis betting May 9th to June 8th

    I know many here don't bet tennis, but in the off chance you feel like it during the French Open, this is a great deal. Not sure what the liquidity will be like and they don't have live betting but even their regular commission is now 0.5-1%, lower if you're deemed a high volume player...