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  1. Mudcat

    I have this hobby project I've been working on for the last 3 years or so

    It's a novel with the title Callie's Collection. And it's done. I mean, it's not done done. I could see myself futzing with it till the end of time. A phrase here - a semi-colon there. But I've decided it's time to move on to the next stages. Presumably those next stages will be...
  2. Mudcat

    This is the house I grew up in

    and my family lived in for 50+ years. I remember when that maple was just about my height.
  3. Mudcat

    NBA 2019-20

    Well, the post-Kawhi Raptors start out 4-1. Can't complain.
  4. Mudcat

    NHL 2019-20 is underway

    Leafs open tonight with a shiny new captain, John Tavares. We're putting underpants-gate in our rearview mirror. Jason Spezza is a healthy scratch. Matthews has potted a couple through 2 periods so that's good to see.
  5. Mudcat

    Non-signature bets

    These are bets that are a different criteria than sigplays but I still feel like saying them out loud. Okay, for starters: Tampa Bay Lightning to win the Stanley Cup +216
  6. Mudcat

    random MUSIC thoughts

    Have you heard, Professor Munch Ate his wife and divorced his lunch? Well did you evah? What a swell party this is!
  7. Mudcat

    NBA 2018-19 anyone?

    Raptors open tonight against the Lebron-less Cavaliers. Kawhi and the Raps looking good so far.
  8. Mudcat

    Countdown to pot legalization

    2 hours, 11 minutes . . . Just bear that in mind because all Canadians will be stoned all the time now so things might get a bit fuzzy up here.
  9. Mudcat

    NHL 2018/19 - season of the Maple Leaf

    Leafs have won their first three pre-season games OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :endoftheworld:
  10. Mudcat

    NFL 2018 - season of schadenfreude

    On Sunday, Buffalo Bills' starting QB Nathan Peterman had a quarterback rating of 0.0 Not easy to do. :nelson:
  11. Mudcat

    Poll: Alec Baldwin or Jerry Seinfeld

    This is not totally random. I was watching an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and Jerry asks Alec which of them he thinks has worked harder, and Alec sez something like, "I have worked harder but not gotten as far." That really got me thinking. What is your opinion?
  12. Mudcat

    NBA playoffs 2018

    Kinda fascinating. Those of us who smugly said the regular season means ZERO and it will end up Golden State versus Cleveland again - I dunno. I mean, it could end up that, but there will be some series worth keeping an eye on along the way. Houston finished 7 games ahead of GS. Hopefully...
  13. Mudcat

    My question about underwarez

    So I have some briefs and I have some boxer-briefs. They all have a thing - like a slit in front - where you can pull your dingus through for peeing. Presumably you unzip your outer pants then pull your dingus on through and do your business. It has been the case for as long as I remember...
  14. Mudcat

    Coupe Grey 2017 Grey Cup

    I feel like it has become a bit of a tradition for me to start these threads - which is odd - because I don't watch the CFL and barely know what's going on at any given time. But here we are. Again. So the game is on Sunday at 6-ish. It's in Ottawa, the nation's capital, in this the...
  15. Mudcat


    It's a tough subject because there are so many different things. Birds. But what's up with birds anyway?
  16. Mudcat

    NFL 2017

    :nelson: Giants are 0-4
  17. Mudcat

    NHL 2017/18

    Did you know there was a time they allowed up to 4 assists on goals? I don't know when exactly but that's what the guy on the radio said. So with a new season almost upon us, I tentatively begin my new life as a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. So we'll see about that. Through the pre-season...
  18. Mudcat

    Nina are you there?

    I am trying to remember something you said awhile back. You mentioned Voltaren - which we know about very well - but there was also another product which was along the same lines. As I recall you thought it was even better (although possibly a prescription???) Are you there ??????????
  19. Mudcat

    Buttcat is off work for a week

  20. Mudcat


    Wondering if you have any thoughts on a situation where I work. It's pretty simple. We need bilingual (French/English) call center people - for our Milton location - and are having a helluva hard time getting them. Apparently we are actually having a lot of it done in the fucking USA which...