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  1. Teela

    Who will be the first one to get the virus?

    Valid question. I was able to get my shot at CVS, which all others should have been able to... If they have internet access and can answer all of the insurance questions (even though it's not supposed to matter if people are insured) while waiting online for an hour for my "reservation...
  2. Teela

    The Shopping Cart Theory

    Awww, thanks!
  3. Teela

    The Shopping Cart Theory

    You're an animal.
  4. Teela

    Who will be the first one to get the virus?

    They’ve been open...
  5. Teela

    Who will be the first one to get the virus?

    I go on Monday to get the vaccine.
  6. Teela

    Breeder Thread

    First year of life, kids were sick (not too bad though). They hardly get sick at all now. I think all but three kids in girl child’s class were sick last year with the flu, stomach gunk or strep. Kid never got sick.
  7. Teela

    Texas is frozen

    We have power and water now. Lots of buildings have been damaged and stores are stripped of food. We're really lucky - we didn't have any damage to our house and my office at work is still standing (rest of the building is a mess though).
  8. Teela

    Texas is frozen

    5 degrees. No peanut butter - severe allergy. I did find some Apple Jacks 🤮
  9. Teela

    Texas is frozen

    No power since early Monday AM. It just came on long enough for me to charge my phone. I was trying to make dinner when it went off again. Guess I won't be eating tonight.
  10. Teela

    plommer intelligence power ranking

    I’m bottom of the list.
  11. Teela

    GameLive Nicknames

    Bread 🍞
  12. Teela

    Movies and TV

    I did not enjoy the Robert California season. Some of the episodes were very cringe-worthy. I can probably name the episodes I did enjoy on one hand.
  13. Teela

    Who will be the first one to get the virus?

    Get tested, Casper.
  14. Teela

    Who will be the first one to get the virus?

    Hunting? I think you're going to end up starving.
  15. Teela

    Pics where I'm not sure where to put it

    Buncha nerds 'round here
  16. Teela

    Welcome to Gamelive's newest baby daddy

    Congrats, Blitty! Sleep? I still don’t know what that is. All you f’ers with paid time off :flipoff:
  17. Teela

    TRONs Courtships

    I can guarantee that it's more exciting than mine.
  18. Teela

    Plommer is in the ICU

    Just please take care of yourself! I would be very sad if something happened to you.
  19. Teela

    Plommer is in the ICU

    Geesh. Stop trying to die, Plommy.
  20. Teela


    Co-worker has it. We received an emergency alert on our phones to stay home due to surges.