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  1. Archie

    Caddo River

    name of the #2 horse in the Arkansas Derby at Oaklawn. 7/2 ML odds is this an all in, all poster type play where we shut down the bookies? is this a gift from our Seffner Angel coming down from Heaven?
  2. Archie

    What Years do Ovechkin and Crosby Retire?

    gotta think Ovechkin will outlast Crosby, just due to head injury shit. but barring injury, when would you expect these guys to hang it up? Any chance Ovechkin scores goal # 895 and walks away after that season?
  3. Archie

    World's Toughest Snowball Fight

  4. Archie

    Mudcat was the answer to an SBR Trivia Question today.

    every monday and Wednesday when you first log in you get a series of 3 trivia questions to get free SBR points the 60 point 2nd question for me today was: Which Poster is a former SBR moderatior? Mudcat was the correct answer. I'm sure most people would not get that these days. Other options...
  5. Archie

    Make the Magic Happen

  6. Archie

    Do You Miss Kato?

    Whatever happened to that friendly chap?
  7. Archie

    RogueJ or anyone. Cape Town recommendations

    We pretty much have everything planned out. But so far our ferry to Robbin island has been canceled on two days, so we need one more half-full day recommendation to do for tourist stuff. Also any amount of food recommendations Thanks, Archie, big al, Erika, Pistons fans, and co
  8. Archie

    Only in Canada

    And other places 5 killed in Mosque, while praying, by multiple gun men
  9. Archie

    Archibald 2016/2017 NHL Pick thread

    lets get it!
  10. Archie

    RIP Elie Wiesel

    87 years young
  11. Archie

    Random Trudeau Thoughts

    I bet this prime minister is the type to call gals, "honey"..... after he elbows them
  12. Archie

    Why the Pirates will be 2016 WS Champs

    potential emergence of Josh Bell Tyler Glasnow Jameson Taillon Alen Hanson Nick Kingham Marte and Polanco with another year of experience gotta believe
  13. Archie

    Theo Fluery releases first Country Song

    maybe mudcat and bacon could write him some lyrics for future songs you could try to fit in the following rhyme for instance.... Haitian and molestation
  14. Archie

    2015 NBA FINALS THREAD Cleveland Cavs vs Golden St. Warriors

    hope it is a good one
  15. Archie

    Riot Fest 2015 coming to Archie's Hood.... Boner check in

    just found out this morning that Riot fest is coming to my neighborhood after trashing the park every year in a nearby neighborhood Boner, help me with some money making ideas for the 2nd weekend of Sept and of course if we went to have a Gamelive Bash in Chicago...
  16. Archie

    Are you on Prescribed Medication?

    I am..... blood pressure 20 mg Lisinopril once daily I forget 2-3 times a week but my blood pressure has been staying low and I check it multiple times a day with a wrist cuff at work. I think I just needed a wake up call, and watch the diet a bit and exercise again
  17. Archie

    Zone for Foods

    radish, tomato, potato, huevos, bacon ect give me a play we will start with 5 bucks
  18. Archie

    Zone for Zone Winner-Pickers Only!!!!

    anyone that has picked a winner in the Zones that IAG has graciously started please check in..... We will do a zone with my meager intertops balance. starting a list from memory ( not a picking order) also IAG HAS to pick first despite maybe not actually picking anything yet so IAG...
  19. Archie

    So you Want to Ban yourself from Gamelive....

    I hope no one ever feels that they need to get banned to prevent themselves from logging in but if you don't have the self control to not visit here and log in and you can't convince the guy holding the ban stick to push it try this... go to settings.... change password/email type...
  20. Archie

    DO you Miss GregM?????

    been 5 months since his last post.... 2 short of 3,333 posts for his gamelive career Greg, check in pal