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  1. kato

    2014 awards

    Pretty open field this year Many topics Feel free to contribute Once again - reno cool wins best hair bacon with best weight gain
  2. kato

    Christy Mack Donation Fund donate to casper, brock, or this? tough decisions
  3. kato

    everyone is a dj

    foking fok - button pushers
  4. kato

    kato's best kits of 2014 WC

    1. France
  5. kato


    we touched upon this new trend yesterday here is more detail: embrace the revolution
  6. kato


    fucked up unibrow the sharpie tattoo black people the bleach the retired the bedazzled the carpet matches the drapes
  7. kato

    Year of _______, 2014

    past winners steve(s), oksana, wal please chime in this is a fortune that many covet - few receive few posters come to mind: Casper (something positive has to happen to him) vagabond fiveteamer housepicks
  8. kato

    Poster of the year - 2013

    deep ravine like congratulations to Matty cosigned by many ================ Great year Matty - much love
  9. kato

    2013 Year End Awards

    nominations accepted any topic for example: best power poster 2013: IAG 2nd - Cali
  10. kato

    kato's "just wrong" thread - a.k.a god help us all

    so this will be the thread where i compile tidbits of things that are the cause of kato's dismay please feel free to add my best and good afternoon :kato:
  11. kato

    noted poster absense

    reigning poster of the year gregm check in please :boxcleanersdaddy:
  12. kato

    birthday wishes to blitty

    glad you are happy got the world by the balls sputnik like birthday wishes from kato
  13. kato

    bradley manning acquittal

    Bradley Manning acquitted of aiding the enemy charge great news
  14. kato

    missing poster: choo

    where are you? choo?
  15. kato

    bono - matty

  16. kato

    year of the <insert poster> 2013

    nominations are accepted ask steve(s), wal66 and oksana how important this is i nominate reno cool
  17. kato

    poster of the year!!! 2012

    please join me in congratulating poster gregm as poster of the year for the year, 2012 great poster, brings a lot to the table on to big success for 2013
  18. kato

    consensus best of 2012

    best sexual adventure comeback of the year biggest loss top gamelive feuds of 2012 best vegetable of 2012 thread of the year and quote of the year best new poster best hair Best near death experience the rogue juror lifetime achievement award best first post of 2012 the most sad...
  19. kato

    2012 WK 2 CFB

    hi! UTAH -7 NEVADA -1 WYOMING -3 WASHINGTON +23.5 GEORGIA -3 gl all
  20. kato

    2012 WK 1 CFB

    hi! WASH ST +13.5 UNLV +9 NAVY +17 IOWA ST +1.5 LA TECH +7.5 :megaman: