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  1. Teela

    Local Super Bowl Commercials

    This video showed in our local area during the Super Bowl. This afternoon, I saw that it had made national news. Obviously, it was awesome because it was "based on a true story" and had a sledgehammer of fire. Did anyone else have any noteworthy local commercials?
  2. Teela

    Awesome reporting from CNN

  3. Teela

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy American Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of you, some more than others. What games/plays are you on today? (Yeah, I asked - what about it?)
  4. Teela

    Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween to my favorite hooligans! Please trick or treat responsibly.
  5. Teela


    I'm in Atlanta. Let's party.
  6. Teela

    A video for my drunken friends...

    Excellent video to watch while on a different plane of reality...
  7. Teela

    Dancing with the Stars

    Please tell me that someone else is watching this trainwreck? WALLLAY!
  8. Teela

    Oh, Acid Joe...

    I had to go to court yesterday to testify in a child abuse/possible molestation case. I left a comment on facebook about feeling dirty just listening to someone talk. I didn't say anything else about the case, but my family and co-workers that are familiar with the case knew about the...
  9. Teela

    Chinese Boob Clamp?

  10. Teela


  11. Teela

    Naked Video

  12. Teela


    I just wanted to bring it to your attention that somebody is balls out crazy for you!
  13. Teela

    I'm worried...

    Did we scare Wally and BGS? I don't think either have really been around today. Oopsies?