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  1. InTheHole

    Ammo weights in case the shit hits the fan today...

    ...gambling will be the least of your concerns. I currently have calculated that I have amassed about 65 lbs of ammunition. As the situation worsens I will have to find a place to bury my ammo and arms as my 9mm, .380, and one of my .223's will be used for neighborhood patrols. It's...
  2. InTheHole

    ****I bought (2) firearms today****

    Beans don't fry on the grill
  3. InTheHole

    Someone assaulted one of my lawn ornaments today.

    We are devastated, can't sleep.
  4. InTheHole

    Chi_Archie restitution thread.

    I'm in, you have my full support
  5. InTheHole

    BobbyFK under a lot of heat

    Fast forward to 3:45
  6. InTheHole

    I like guns,,,they are better than sex

  7. InTheHole

    We live in a strange fokkin' World

  8. InTheHole

    Chi_archie, this girl sounds like your wife

  9. InTheHole

    Got a ban at SBR for asking if an employee "sucky sucky"?

    You thought Nigger was bad? Looks like it is only for 48 hours
  10. InTheHole

    Does anybody know Steve Preissler or Bruno Diego

    Say they're out of Oakland, Illinois and want to book my action at
  11. InTheHole

    Any CaliGirl Updates?

    I usually like to watch her videos while I oil my rod.
  12. InTheHole

    Environnement Canada Service de la faune

    You Canadiens are weird bunch.
  13. InTheHole

    Congratulations, Blitty, the most attractive man in forumville.

    Number 1: BlittyDeuce That's right boys, Blitty takes the big honor. Shocked? Unexpected? Feel like you've been robbed? Let me break it down for ya: 1 - He's got that "nice guy", olive skin, dark eyes that you know he's just bad to the core. Women are SUCKERS for that! 2 - At the...
  14. InTheHole

    Fuck you Pico

  15. InTheHole

    Met BlittyDeuce today

    Fine fellow. He called Everest a "hike", anyone want to sponsor a gamelive expedition? He and Opie hit it off like two lovers.
  16. InTheHole

    New Gamelive Chatroom?

    SQL Gamelive QQQ Chat
  17. InTheHole

    Chi_Archie: Catch the excitement

    The start of new things:10: